Gothic your wardrobe - 2011 Jack Jones series Beijing tour

With the "Twilight" global hot, the film's hero Edward Edward Gothic series has become the new darling of fashion trends. Next month, "Twilight 4" will be released worldwide, before that, Jack Jones took the lead in bringing the series "Gothic New Products" to the capital influx. Goth Men's Wear October 21-23, Beijing Sanlitun VILLAGE held a three-day "Gothic your wardrobe - 2011 Jack Jones Series Touring", once again brought a strong Gothic trend, so that the scene Many fans unable to stop. "Gothic your wardrobe - 2011 Jack Jones Series Tour" Beijing Station site activities, "Twilight" of the heat, so that one actor Edward "glamorous" style into the forefront of fashion. Yesterday's event site, so many fans can not HOLD, a little bad boy taste Gothic apparel quickly occupied with the landmark Beijing landmark Sanlitun. "Gothic your wardrobe -2011 Jack Jones series touring" Beijing station site live clothing show exquisite but slightly melancholic atmosphere of the material and metal texture full of skull accessories, casual small details, so you inadvertently show full Rock flavor. If you pay attention to the trend of autumn clothing, you will find that rely on exposure to win the eye of the time has come to an end, many apparel brand back to the retro, punk style, of which the most influx of people to linger in the natural is Jack & Jones. Ruoyouruowu that Gothic temperament, exudes the texture of the metal punk, perhaps the most sought-after weapon autumn tide. When Jack & Jones to make Gothic popular, the tidal wave of street tide may be the traditional "Japan and South Korea" style completely abandoned. Attentive Gothic fans and punk fans will find yesterday's "Gothic your wardrobe - 2011 Jack Jones Series Tour," the first day of the scene, the Gothic costumes on the stage by the designer's improvement, has long been sniffing The former dying on the verge of decadent atmosphere, the improved Gothic costumes a new interpretation of the combination of fashion and taste of the United States, and the calm and elegant gray and the mysterious blue perfect blend of blue, but also into a clear-cut white. The use of these three colors bold but not publicity, showing a low profile and calm temperament. In addition to watching "Your Goth Your Wardrobe - 2011 Jack Jones Series Tour", fans also participated in interactive programs carefully prepared by fans for Jack Jones. Strong live music, coupled with the enthusiasm of the interactive scene soaring, the atmosphere of the entire tour pushed to the climax, HIGH extreme. It is reported that the fans will get "cool" skull paper stickers, headphone at the same time, you can also experience a full range of Gothic to bring them different feelings. Moreover, the event site with "AR virtual fitting," that fans can choose your favorite Jack Jones costumes in front of the big screen to dress up their own, eliminating the trivial trial, and can really see the trial equipment After the three-dimensional effect. In addition, the event site also install smart phone games for fans, fans can experience games on the spot and download coupons. The most attractive fans than on-site discount tickets somatosensory capture interactive games, experience real skull capture at the same time you can also win the best value discount coupons. "The whole event was beyond our expectations, which also revealed that Goth is extremely attractive to fashion groups," said the person in charge of Jack Jones.


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