Shoe Double Star launches "three-pipe" policy to solve "labor shortage"

On October 28, farmers’ willingness to work outside the home is gradually declining, making recruitment difficult. In addition, many surrounding companies have adopted unfair competition methods and posted recruitment information near the entrance of Haijiang Company. The shoe company, Double Star Haijiang Company, innovated management and used well “three”. "Overcoming labor shortages" has promoted the recruitment of workers and the stability of the workforce, ensured the production of exports, and ensured the healthy and steady development of enterprises. For example, a certain salary will be paid to solve the "wage problem." Many new employees have no confidence because of their unfamiliar skills in entering the factory for a period of time. They want to do their jobs as long as the employees reach the required number of days of attendance per month and can normally complete the personal tasks assigned by the company. A certain amount of guaranteed wages allows new employees to do their jobs in a down-to-earth manner.

Definitely fix the post to solve "environmental difficulties". Due to the large number of orders from the Double Star Haijiang Company, some orders are small, and the product process is different, the frequency of changes in the auxiliary positions is very high. When the new employees are exchanged for many times, they feel emotionally anxious and feel unstable. In this regard, Double Star Haijiang Company reasonably arranges personnel, and the new employees will not rotate after one month. When new employees are basically qualified for the job and are familiar with the working environment and the interpersonal environment, they should arrange the challenging work properly and establish a reasonable remuneration system.

Performance fixed salary to solve the "difficulty of distribution." Based on the individual ability and work effectiveness of employees, Double Star Haijiang Company sets the pay with quality of work, product quality, and output, allowing employees to demonstrate their value in competition. For example, the system of workshops promotes performance-based pay, and the dividends of contracted teams’ profitability are allocated according to the two criteria of general engineering and key processes. Those employees who work conscientiously and whose performance is outstanding receive higher salary and motivate their employees to continuously improve their skills. Unique skills.

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