The Central Government of India decided not to encourage the cultivation of cotton and jute

The Indian technical mission will end in the next five-year plan, although the existing allocations to various states will not stop.

The Indian Ministry of Agriculture decided to give priority to food production. In the twelfth five-year plan, the technical tasks for cotton and jute were ended. The 12th five-year plan for India began on April 1.

Government officials said that the existing allocations allocated to states will not stop. Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh rely heavily on cotton. Similarly, eastern states rely heavily on jute. Therefore, when the central government does not directly allocate funds, the states will continue to receive funding according to their own requirements. ”

The Central Government has proposed that states encourage the cultivation of food crops in order to solve the problem of cotton prices falling in various states. This will help farmers reduce the loss of cotton and jute.

In early 2011, cotton prices soared and then continued to decline. The benchmark Sankar-6 cotton price rose to Rs 67,000/candy (356 kg) in March and is now quoted at Rs 34,500. The Cotton Advisory Committee estimates that the sown area will be expanded to 12.2 million hectares in 2011-12 compared to 11.1 million hectares sown in the previous year. The output was 35.6 million bales (170 kg), compared with 32.5 million bales last year.

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