The chaos in the mahogany furniture market is expected to be curbed

Recently, the national standard "General Technical Conditions for Redwood Furniture" was approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China and will be formally implemented on August 1 this year. The new standard is the first time after 12 years, the state will modify and supplement the old Hongmu national standard for the first time. According to industry sources, the implementation of the new standard will effectively reduce market chaos.

The reporter learned that the current standard for mahogany furniture was drafted in the "National Standard of the People's Republic of China (Redwood)" in 2000, which classifies 33 kinds of mahogany as "5 genera and 8 categories" and provides that in dark-colored hardwood furniture products, All products that meet the requirements of national standards are called mahogany furniture.

In contrast, the new standards to be implemented will be regulated mainly from the scope, terminology and definitions, requirements, quality specifications, and test methods of mahogany furniture, and the definition of mahogany furniture will be clearly defined for the first time. The names of tree species are used to name and identify mahogany furniture and to promote the development and use of new mahogany wood materials. This is different from the restrictions imposed on tree species by the old national standard, and requires that wood be tested before production.

It is worth mentioning that the new national standard also clearly stipulates that each piece of mahogany furniture must be equipped with a "mahogany furniture product quality express card", the production company must specify on the express card the furniture product implementation standards, product technology classification, product Quality grade, product application scope, product main material and other information.

It is understood that after more than 30 years of development, mahogany furniture market, there are backward production processes, shoddy and other chaos and chronic diseases. Secretary of the Wuhan Furniture Industry Association, ** Bridge, told reporters that the phenomenon of manufacturers in the product with the manual has long been, but the old national standard did not clearly define the mahogany furniture, consumers and manufacturers can not establish a trust relationship, "consumption The people do not even know what is mahogany furniture and what is not."

He said that the introduction of the new national standard is just like giving the mahogany furniture an "identity card," which not only plays a key role in regulating the production process of mahogany furniture, market circulation, and applicable materials, but also makes consumers define the mahogany furniture more clearly. It is expected to curb market chaos.

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