Chen Xiang 96HOURS star shoes "WING" release highlights the design concept of wings

Chen Xiang 96HOURS star shoes exposure spy photos Chen Xiang 96HOURS star shoes "WING", after experiencing the design, users named many links, recently, the official finally exposed the pair of shoes spy photos. As the second in the second quarter of the 96HOURS star design following the martial arts, the previously highly-anticipated "wing design concept" is unveiled. As a new generation of singers in the Mainland, Chen Xiang achievements in the second half can be described as fruitful again and again. First of all, the first piece of personal EP "goodbye" was welcomed by the majority of fans, but with the casual shoes brand 96HOURS cross-border cooperation is to get the entertainment and fashion circles of attention. Earlier Chen Xiang said in an interview with reporters, and 96HOURS cooperation, he expressed all his ideas in the shoes, I believe it will be a great pair of works. The reporter from 96HOURS chief designer Li Qingdong mouth also learned that "WING" will achieve a breakthrough in design and function. "WING" the most eye-catching place is undoubtedly the wings of the shoes, which not only represents the "Flying Boy" Chen Xiang, but also to the shoes added a positive and spirited fashion spirit, on behalf of the spirit of the growth of China's spiritual style. In the soles are used 96HOUS the world's unique "bionic ring shock absorber empty frame" technology, walking more smoothly, so that "flying shoes" true to the world. Reporters get first-hand information from the official, "WING" main color red shoes have been produced, Other colors will be gradually introduced. According to Zhang Xin, general manager of 96HOURS brand operations center, shoes are still being further improved and production, I believe soon to meet with the fans. For more information on 96HOURS star shoes, you can follow 96HOURS and Hangzhou Rui strategy Advertising Co., Ltd.'s official microblogging.

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