Ge Van Men's dress in the release of self, interpretation of self

Tushadi Clothing Co., Ltd. in Suzhou City is engaged in GEFANDI brand casual wear design, production and sales in one of the modern apparel business, Tusi Di considerable annual sales, the national store has formed a network of initially formed, the number is rapidly increasing year by year . Tusi Di dress for two consecutive "China International Clothing & Accessories Fair" research, has a good reputation among the public. 2011 GEFANDI Gefan brand new definition and introduction of "new five generations of leisure" concept has become another brand new milestone in the history of the development. Tushadi Clothing Co., Ltd in Suzhou City, adhere to the "product is the root, innovation is the soul, talent is the" business philosophy has always been to the talent as the entrepreneurial development of enterprises, the competition of the country, the development of this. The company has formed a good corporate culture of dedication, fair competition, respect for knowledge and talent. Suzhou Tushadi Garments Trading Co., Ltd., with its unique talent recruitment strategy, open space for career development, excellent environment for talent growth, effective incentive mechanism and people-oriented corporate culture concept, make the enterprise a talent gathering place.

Shawl also called cloud shoulder, with silk brocade. most cloud shoulder made of four moires, called ruyi mixture type, and willow leaf type, lotus type, etc., the above are auspicious propositions, such as the riches and honor peony, live long and prosper, year after year have fish and so on. It is popular in Ming and qing dynasties, and most of them are used in social occasions such as weddings and weddings. Big size cape gives your modelling to bring more changeful likelihood, also make modelling more rich stereo, functional also stronger. The shawl has a warm or very important decorative effect, and sometimes a very common outfit feels very different when it comes to a cape. A good shawl can improve women's taste. It can keep out the cold. Can show female temperament and grade more, increase the gentleness of woman.


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