Angel Qilu Lisa angelmls brand women join the Chinese beauty network family

Angel Qilu Lisa angelmls brand women to join China Beauty Network family! Angelmlisa Angelmls Clothing Co., Ltd. is a French brand specializing in the design, production and sales of fashion accessories. The brand is located in a fashion style with fashionable white-collar workers and provides excellent services to the successful urban white-collar style women.


2003 An Qi Meng Lisa angelmls first entered the Chinese headquarters in Guangzhou, to 2004 angelmls with excellent design team, improve production capacity and high quality pre-sales service won the love and recognition of consumers, only a year There are five outlets in Beijing, Beijing Road Pedestrian Mall and other commercial areas stood up for Angelmilisa angelmls brand plays an important role in the future from the rise, also proved that Angel Monisa has been Consumption early approval. Today Angelmilisa angelmls brand after 5 years of tempering has become more and more strong, but also more and more won the favorite and recognition of consumers.

At present, we are the franchise of self-brand, regional agency as the main mode of operation in the country established a complete franchise marketing network and distribution system. Brand development as the starting point to product design, process quality as the lifeline, the past year has added a large number of first-class professional production equipment, the brand's growth has attracted a large number of outstanding talent to join Angelmilk angelmls focus on brand development Planning, and strive to continue to change in the market environment, consumer spending continues to mature the case of further recognition and support from everyone.


Our clothing style: elegant, romantic, leisurely. Brand positioning in the 23-35-year-old fashion women.

Our entrepreneurial spirit: pioneering and innovative, hard work, dedication

Our service aim: quality first, customer first, honest and trustworthy.

Our work attitude: automatic spontaneous, collective interests above all ...

Our goal: to make the customer touched ... Angelmilisa angelmls "From the fashion capital of France's classic women's brand, embodies a rich cultural heritage and talent, creating distinctive brand positioning. Integration of Europe, South Korea, Japan , The latest popular element. Angel Angelina angelmls pay attention to the body modification techniques, romantic and simple, rational and calm, glory and dream .To quiet and Zhiyuan form, the perfect fashion to create the personality and charm of women .Status of fashion, The classic concept of dress embodies the modern white-collar women's constant pursuit of quality of life and workplace self-affirmation.An Angel Montresor angelmls women's heritage of Europe's original exquisite quality and elegant style, but also fully integrate the humanistic Characteristics and cultural connotations, angelmls angelmls women's brand is committed to guiding the development trend of fashion business women, interpretation of the classic costume art.

Love, career, Angel Montresor!

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