Mammy's star - Mum's Star Make your child a family star

Health, happiness, fashion, personality ... ... not just every child should have the qualities, but also every mother's expectations of their own baby, as "Mummy's Star" children's clothing brand as explained, every child is Mummy's star! "Mammy's Star" - Mummy Star, from the United States, is a well-known children's clothing brand in the European and American markets for more than 10 years. The main design service object is height 100cm-160cm of middle-aged children. Every style of clothing is strongly sought after "fashion, environmental protection, health, happiness, childlike" brand culture. She dedicated to children not only clothing, but also a gift of childhood, become the best life, the sweetest memories. Mammy's star - Mummy's Star, meaning that every child is a shining star, to fulfill their parents' hopes. Mummy's Star hopes to disseminate our cultural concept through the elaborate design of products so that every mom can directly understand the moral of our brand and let every child become a family star.

     Product category: braided net, we will use different materials to weave cargo net slings, safety net, helicopter platform Non-slip net, climbing net, manhole cover net, flame retardant net, swimming pool protection net and so on according to customer's different request. Hand knitting and mechanical weaving. Ensure quality and timely delivery. 

     Our company is the Chinese weaving network market R & D manufacturers and wholesalers, looking forward to win-win cooperation with you!

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