Brazilian government stepped up its restrictions on footwear products in China

Recently, the reporter learned from the Wenzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that starting in October, the Brazilian government will step up its restrictions on Chinese footwear products again. This is a restriction on the export of Chinese footwear products to Latin America after Mexico. This year, the number and amount of Wenzhou footwear exports to Mexico increased by more than 200% year-on-year.

Statistics show that from January to August 2011, the export of Wenzhou shoes to Mexico involved 26 companies, with a total of 451,700 pairs and 2.814 million US dollars. Compared with the previous year, the export volume and amount increased by 218.77% and 256.20%, respectively. fast.

Since the International Footwear Conference held in Mexico in September called for a boycott of imports of Chinese footwear products, Mexico and Brazil have already imposed restrictions on Chinese footwear imports. According to reports, the countries involved in the joint proposal include Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Spain.

The Brazilian government stipulates that Chinese-made leather shoes must be approved in advance before entering the Brazilian market. The approval process may take up to 60 days. In addition, the Brazilian government imposed an additional tariff on footwear products from China starting from March last year, which will cost US$13.85 per pair of shoes. The unit price of ordinary export shoes is less than half of the tariff.

According to the relevant inspection and quarantine authorities, the seasonality of the shoes is very strong. The 60-day approval period is enough to allow the shoes to leave the season. Together with the additional tariffs, Chinese shoes are no longer competitive in the Brazilian market.

At the same time, Brazil also doubted the entry of Chinese shoe curves to avoid additional taxes, and believed that Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam are becoming transit points for Chinese shoes entering the Brazilian market. If the investigation is true, Brazil will extend relevant anti-dumping policies and revoke the relevant companies’ Import permit.

Li Haijun, manager of the Aokang Group International Trade Center, told reporters that at present, O'Connell’s export volume and batches to Mexico are limited, and they are usually indirectly exported to Mexico through global buyers. This measure has little impact on O’Connell, but So many countries and regions joined hands to boycott Chinese-made shoes, but also enough to make companies more vigilant.

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