Explain false jade "Malay jade"

Explain false jade "Malay jade" In the 1980s, a bright and uniform green jade appeared on the jade market. The beaded or abstained face was once deceived by many people, thinking that it was a “precious jadeite”. What is this kind of jade? This kind of jade is known as Malaysian Jade (also known as Ma Yu, also known as Malay Cui). This is just a name. Malaysian jade is not produced in Malaysia. It is the name of a fake jadeite jade that was sold by many Indian and Pakistani businessmen in the early days of the opening of the mainland. Ma Yu is actually a very fine-grained quartzite that is dyed green, but there are obvious differences compared to Jadeite:

1. By naked eye, the color of Malaysian jade is too bright and unnatural.

2. The proportion of Malaysian jade is 2.65, which is far less than the proportion of jade 3.24-3.43.

3. The average refractive index of Malaysian jade is 1.55, which is lower than that of jadeite.

4. The color does not turn red under the Charles filter, but the presence of the stain can be observed under the microscope at ten times, that is, the color is floating, which is the phenomenon of staining.


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